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jQuery-inlog allows you to easily debug your jQuery code. See exactly what you pass to functions, what they return and in which context (this-value) they were executed.

NEW: See nested or recursive calls in the right order. Wooot.

Without changing any of your code! I call it black-box magic. Or short: black magic. Or even shorter: js

The original idea came from, which was a modified version of the jQuery core rather than a plugin at the time I started with jQuery-inlog.

tl;dr Example

For those of you who can't wait or don't want to read the example.

  1. Open the Firebug console (hint: F12)
  2. Press this button (), the following code will then be run:
  3. Be amazed


Some random example with demo code

The markup

The jQuery code

The magic on your console (default settings)

Console output with default settings

Verbose magic {maxDepth: -1}

The last branch was expanded to see how much is getting logged

Console output with maxDepth of -1

More verbose magic {maxDepth: -1, thisValue: true}

Console output with maxDepth of -1 and this-value enabled

Hardcore raw magic {rawOutput: true}

Console output with raw-output enabled

Documentation / Reference

Include jquery.inlog.js after jQuery core and enable it by calling $l(true) or $l(options).

It's best practice to include $l(false); right after the part you want to inspect.


You can call $l(options) any time to change options. Available options: